The educational


The educational institution which is today known as “Rajghat Besant School” came into existence in 1913 as “The Theosophical National School” for boys and a college for girls. It was the result of hard work put in by Dr. Annie Besant and a group of dedicated theosophists. It was situated within the campus of the Theosophical Society at Kamachchha, Varanasi.


In early 1930’s, The Rishi Valley Trust (established 1928) purchased the Rajghat Fort campus and decided to shift the school and college gradually as  the new buildings took shape.


The children’s school building was constructed in 1934 alongwith a couple of hostels (later known as I and II hostels and now called Gokul and Shanti Vihar). Sundemath Kar was requested by Rabindra Nath Tagore to design the assembly hall. The school got its present name in 1939 (in memory of Dr. Annie Besant).


“The Rajghat School” was formally opened on Vasant Panchami day, 1934. It got affiliated to CBSE in July 1972. Classes XI and XII were added in 1984. 


(Source: “Palash” 1990. Alumni and other website visitors are cordially invited to suggest additions/amendments to the long history of the institution)